Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are perfect for basements and low-to-the-ground windows with bottom hinges and inward opening style for ultimate safety and security. These windows improve home value by adding light to rooms that otherwise might be very dark.

  • Improved energy efficiency >> All of our windows are manufactured by Provia and feature high-performance Low-E glass in double-pane or triple-pane construction. This glass, along with insulating argon or krypton gas in between the panes, helps to reduce heat transfer into and out of your home, and maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature year-round.
  • Enhanced curb appeal – Replacing your old, worn, chipped, or broken windows will drastically improve your home’s exterior appearance. We offer many styles of home windows, including double hung, sliding, bay and bow, casement, and garden, so you’re sure to find options that complement the architecture of your residence. We also offer a variety of colors and wood grain finishes.
  • Worry-free usage for a lifetime >> Our windows come with a double lifetime manufacturer’s transferrable warranty, which demonstrates the superior quality and craftsmanship of these products.



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Interior Color

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        Neopor Insulation

Neopor is a graphite polystyrene rigid foam insulation that gives maximum efficiency and sustainability in building products.


    Barrier-Fin and Bulb Seal                Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is a very important part of preventing air from coming into your home. ProVia’s windows have weatherstripping on the frame and sash, ensuring you get a good seal at the important locations where air could pass through.


         INNERGY Thermal                       Reinforcements

Innergy is the innovative, energy-efficient alternative to aluminum, with added insulating properties making it 700 times better.


Endure windows feature an innovative new welding process called FineLine Technology. A FineLine welded corner is aesthetically more appealing than a traditional welded corner.


better vue screen

Fiberglass Mesh

  • Extruded aluminum frame with a BetterVue fiberglass mesh screen
  • Durable and flame retardant
  • Improved optical clarity; shields water and resists dirt and grime
  • Hydrophobic coating improves optical clarity, sheds water and resists dirt and grime
  • Easy removal for cleaning and maintenance
seevue screen

Stainless Steel Mesh

  • Pet-friendly
  • Extruded aluminum frame with stainless steel mesh
  • Black coated for improved visibility and ventilation
  • Stronger than standard insect screen 
flex screen


  • Barely visible and nearly indestructible
  • PVC coated spring steel framer with no attachment hardware needed
  • Simple to install
  • Solid core frame that won’t twist or break like traditional window screens
  • Resists denting and scratching
  • Allows more daylight to filter in while drastically improving the view through the glass
  • Available with BetterVue or heavy duty fiberglass mesh

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